Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dark Desires

Dark Desire (Carpathians, #2)Dark Desire by Christine Feehan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The stranger silently summons her from across the continents, across the seas. He whispers of eternal torment, of endless hunger...of dark, dangerous desires. And somehow American surgeon Shea O'Halloran can feel his anguish, sense his haunting aloneness, and she aches to heal him, to heal herself. Drawn to the far Carpathian mountains, Shea finds a ravaged, raging man, a being like no other. And her soul trembles. For in his burning eyes, his icy heart, she recognizes the beloved stranger who's already become part of her. This imperious Carpathian male compels Shea to his side. But is she to be his healer...or his prey? His victim...or his mate? Is he luring her into madness...or will his dark desire make her whole?

My Thoughts
This was okay. There were parts that i liked and parts that i didn't like. The thing i liked was the concept and the romance of course and i liked the action too but what turned me off about this book was the women. Shea in particular. I'm all for a women being independent and want to do for herself but she did it to the point of annoyance. Everything Jacques wanted or needed or tried to get her to understand, there was always an argument and always defiance. ANNOYING! Really? Most things she argued about was stupid and unnecessary. Always stubborn and couldn't trust anything he said  for nothing. Overall i didn't really care for the book but it wasn't to bad


  1. I've just finished the first book in this series, Dark Prince, i loved it so will probably go on to read the entire series, will keep your points in mind for this one lol.

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  2. It wasn't bad i probably will continue on too in time.

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