Thursday, June 14, 2012

From You To Me (4)

 About - From Me To You
From me to you is something that I decided to do on my blog. Where I talk about a certain topic that people may have asked me or that is a topic going around on blogs! I hope everyone enjoys this :) It's something I just decided to do. Keep in mind these thoughts are just my opinions and experiences with book blogging from me to you :) I'm going to try to do these weekly or maybe every two weeks. I don't know how that will go.
This Week's Topic

When do I decide to buy the ebook over print book...

When it comes to a series and I have started them in ebooks and don't have any in hardback/paperback, then I will continue the series as ebooks. It would be pointless, in my eyes, to have book 5 in a series sitting on your bookshelf when the rest of the books are on your kindle lol :) That's my logic! I actually have some series like that where I have one or two books of the series on my bookshelf and the rest on my kindle. I now feel the need to go out and buy the rest of the series even though I already have the books, but just to complete them on my bookshelf. If that makes any sense whatsoever :D

I also decide to buy ebooks when I'm broke. Yes, sometimes money does have to factor in and ebooks are cheaper, so Idk. That's how I do lol

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  1. I agree with wanting to buy each book in a series in the same format. I also buy the eBook if it is significantly cheaper. If it's only a dollar or two I won't, but if the paperback is 10 or more and the eBook is 3 or less then I go the eBook route. I also buy eBooks for things I can't wait to read because they will hit my kindle 10pm the day before they come out LOL I love my kindle and lack shelf space so I try to buy more on it. But now as a blogger I have went back to buying hard copies because then I can share them with friends or in giveaways.