Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Intuition by J. Meyers

(Intangible, #0.5)
by J. Meyers
Released |October 17th 2011|
Edition |Ebook|
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Intuition: A Bonus INTANGIBLE Short Story
Luke and his twin sister Sera have unusual abilities. Hers is a gift—she can heal with a touch of her hand. His is a curse—he can see the future but he can’t do anything about it.
On a hike up the mountain, Luke has a vision unlike any other—one that leaves him terrified. Knowing that it will come true—and that he must do everything in his power to stop it—leaves his own future uncertain.
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I really liked J. Meyer's first book Intangible. It was an interesting and entertaining read. I believe that this short story should be read before you read Intangible, because those who have read Intangible, it's just a repeat of a story that you already know. I am rating this 3 stars for that reason because it was just a repeat of information I already knew.

This was a very quick read. I read it in a little bit under 20 minutes. Like I said, short read. To me this book was kind of a pointless read for me considering that fact that this same information is pretty much the same exact information that you find out about in the beginning of Intangible.

But overall, I do think that if you have not read Intangible, you will find that this story will be a great introduction to it. And you might enjoy it :) But for those of you who have, I really don't think it's necessary for you to read. And btw, I loved Intangible :D


  1. hmm maybe not reading it at all is better? since if this is a repeat of info, when we get to intangible we will also have a repeat of info if we read Intuition? anyways I will be checking out intangible soon!

    great review

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. Omg how come it's super short? I think I'll give this a pass. Nice review though (:
    Leigh | Little Book Star

  3. Yea I agreed with y. This is a short story that was pointless. It was like 10 pages and you don't learn anything.