Friday, November 9, 2012

Top Sequels That I Need To Read

Hey Everyone :)
I am here to share with you my top sequels that NEED to be read!
I am so slacking in some of my series.
If any of you have read any let me know what you've thought about them :) I would love to know!

Batch One 

Uh, I've had Hallowed and Clockwork Prince since it released and I still have not read the two.

I actually started Clockwork Prince and got to page 138, I think, but then I put it down. Not because I didn't like it because I think I will be heart broken lol Me being Team Will and all, and I HATE love triangles. And it's really turning me off from continuing the series..

I'm actually not that excited to read Linger for some reason even though I enjoyed Shiver...Weird right?!

Batch 2

I need to read all of these! :D I can't remember much of anything from Wicked Lovely though.

Batch 3 - Adult

I definitely need to read Crave! You guys know I'm a big J.R. Ward fan. Also Stray and Some Girls Bite were awesome so I need to read the sequels to both of them.


  1. I agree with The Clockwork Prince. It BLOODY HURTS! I'm Team Will through and through! I still love it, though :)

  2. Same with me, I am team Will and reading that book left me a little sad on that front but otherwise it's a great book. You should definitely read Pandemonium!

  3. I've got Vanished on my Kindle...just haven't read it yet. I just finished Hallowed....Oh Man! I'm dying for book three now. Man I love Tucker.