Monday, February 18, 2013

Cover Crazy (10)

Hey everyone,
I am here to show you all the new covers I have seen recently.
They might not be new to you, but they're new to me :)
Some are pretty awesome!
Tell me which one or ones are your favorite.


  1. Oh god, so many beautiful covers. Favorites, ok. So, let's see: Notes From Ghost Town, Tandem (love it!!), Icons (especially the text, with all the glitter around it), Deception (WHY CAN'T I HAVE DAT HAIR??!) and Teardrop (I don't care how logically impossible that dress is, I. want. it.).

    By the way, I'm seeing a trend with girls breaking their backs on the covers (Infinity glass, Goddess...). It's literally painful to watch them.

    Read Into Hiding

  2. There's so many gorgeous new covers! :) I love the covers for Sweet Legacy and Deception. Also, Across A Star Swept Sea has a beautiful cover.