Monday, January 6, 2014

The Stuttering Tattoo by Greg Logsted

The Stuttering Tattoo
by Greg Logsted
Released |December 13th 2011|
Edition |eARC|

Steven Bishop is extraordinarily ordinary. He goes to school. He rides his motorcycle. He stutters. His best friend is a former Colombian cartel hit man turned cook/construction worker. You know, ordinary. All that changes the day Becky Moore walks into his classroom. Becky is dazzling, enigmatic.
One day Steven gives Becky a ride home on his motorcycle. There, they discover a severed arm, one of the fingers of which still has an unusual ring attached: a circle, in the middle of which is a heart, at the center of which is a bold number 37. While comforting Becky, Steven discovers a tattoo at the base of her neck: it is the same symbol. And so begins a thrilling descent into a world of crime and murder, a ride wilder than any Steven has taken before.
When it came to the Stuttering Tattoo, I thought the story sounded pretty interesting from the synopsis which made me want to read it. I got about 30 something percent into the story until I had to stop. I was pushing myself along because I was hoping that things would pick up and draw me into the story, but that never happened. In my opinion, there was nothing really going in the story at that point. The book was slow paced and there nothing exciting happened at all to I was losing all focus and interest in the book. I also wasn't connecting with any of the characters in any way and with all of that combined, I was just plain bored. That doesn't happen too often for me, but this book didn't hold or captivate my attention after reading 30% so I decided to give up on it and move on to something else.



  1. Ah, I totally understand why you had to DNF this book. I always say that if you're not feeling it, then don't read it. But it's so hard to follow that rule myself. I think I have to DNF a book I'm reading right now and I really don't want to because I got it for a review, but I can't force myself. I hope that your next book will be better and you'll love the pacing, the story and really connect with the characters in order to cheer for them. Thanks for your honest thoughts, Janina!

    1. I say, at least I continued to give it a try. But seriously, absolutely nothing was happening!

  2. Sorry you didn't like this one! I think it's hard to know when it stop reading a book, especially if it's a review copy. You really want to keep going until you connect, but you know, it doesn't always happen. Thanks for sharing what didn't work for you though!!


    1. I hate DNF'ing review books, but sometimes I have to.

  3. It's so sad when you think the book would be great! But writing a review after reading it is good! You gave honest feedback and it's good :)

    Happy Reading!

  4. Sorry that it never picked up and wasn't for you.

  5. Huh it sounds really intriguing from the blurb but well I think I'll pass this one. Too bad. Hope your next read is amazing. :)