Review Policy.

This is for author or publishers who are interested in me reviewing there book.

What I will accept
-eARCs and eGalleys
-Finished Copies
-Audio books

Authors, Publishers, Publicists feel free to contact me if you would like a book reviewed!

Types of Books I Read: I review mainly Young Adult books. Something that has a paranormal/supernatural elements (vampires, fairies, shifters, witches, etc). I prefer my books to have some kind of romance in them. The romance does not have to the main focus of the story, but I like for the books that I read to have some type of romantic involvement within the story.

I do review adult books as well, but the majority of the adult romances I read have some type of paranormal aspect in them. For example, something similar-ish to The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward and The Riley Jenson series by Keri Arthur. I also like just plain 

-Young Adult
-Paranormal Romance
-Urban Fantasy
-Sci fi (not a huge amount)

I also read a very small amount of juvenile fiction, new adult, and contemporary.

Genres I Don't Read
-Historical Fiction
-Non Fiction

My Reviews: My reviews include: ratings, publisher, synopsis, edition, link to goodreads. Each of my reviews are my honest opinion, whether I like the book or not. Not all my books have wonderful ratings, but again they are my honest opinions.
-My reviews are posted to my blog, goodreads, and amazon (usually at later dates unless the book is already released) with a rating of 1-5 stars (includes half stars).

Every book sent to me for review is not guaranteed to be reviewed.
I usually try to get to every book I get, but I'm coming up on my final semesters in college and things have gotten pretty hectic for me. Sometimes, a book maybe not be reviewed until months after I receive them. I receive many review books and sometimes, it takes a while to get through them all. I'm sorry for that, but I do try my BEST to get to all the books.

DNF and Negative Reviews are posted on my blog, but I do not bash the authors in any review that receives a rating less than 3 stars. I state my honest opinion on the story or what I may have read on the story. I do not post negative reviews to hurt any author in any way, I just state my honest thoughts. DNF's and negative reviews are not given often by me, but they are still given to a handful of books.

Other services: I love hosting giveaways, author interviews and guest post, cover reveals,blog tours, and other fun things like that. Sometimes I might not have time to review a book for a blog tour, but I would post excerpts or an interview, etc, if those are being offered as an alternative.

Note: I live in the United States. For those who are able to send print books.
    To contact me, email me here:

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