Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Death Cure

The Death Cure (Maze Runner, #3)The Death Cure by James Dashner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thomas knows that Wicked can't be trusted, but they say the time for lies is over, that they've collected all they can from the Trials and now must rely on the Gladers, with full memories restored, to help them with their ultimate mission. It's up to the Gladers to complete the blueprint for the cure to the Flare with a final voluntary test.
What Wicked doesn't know is that something's happened that no Trial or Variable could have foreseen. Thomas has remembered far more than they think. And he knows that he can't believe a word of what Wicked says.
The time for lies is over. But the truth is more dangerous than Thomas could ever imagine.
Will anyone survive the Death Cure?

My Thoughts
One of my favorite series!
I didn't think Dashner could end this series with a bang, but boy did he! I hate to see a series end but at least this series ended amazingly even though there were sad moments. Newt, oh Newt! I can't believe what happened to you! *TEARS* Even though i'm not gonna say! Let me say that i liked Teresa in the first book but as the series progressed i seriously started to hate her. But i don't like what happened to her in the end. I must say i am team Brenda. Minho, (if thats how you spell his name) love him and his hot temper! Thomas, he's amazing in every book!
The action in these books are always great! One thing after another after another. Oh i think we're safe. NOT!!! Never. And the final factor they "needed" for the cure......Really? Glad rat man got what was coming to him. Damn Psycho!
The ending was great, i loved it! I recommend this series to everyone! If you read the first book but couldn't get past the language, try again, because you'll be a pro on their language by the end of the book so it won't even matter! But great series and i'm sad to see it go!

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