Sunday, November 27, 2011

Musing Monday (11/28)

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Will you be buying books for the holidays this year? If so, to whom and why?

 -I think I might be buy books for the holidays. My niece is really starting to get into reading books. She turned 11 and has been reading The Diary of A Wimpy Kid series. She really like those books. She wants to read the Percy Jackson series, which is funny to me because I've read all the books in that series and I'm 21.

Also my friend has gotten into reading and has asked me do I know any great books to read...Well of course I do! So I just might Surprise her for the holidays.


  1. Honestly you can give a book to anybody, no matter what their interest is; the problem is whether they are going to read it or not.

    Here is mine:

  2. how great, to feed people that are just getting into books!

  3. Books are always great gifts. :)
    Here’s my Musing Mondays post. :)

  4. Aw, how cool! :) Unfortunately, most of my friends aren't as keen on books/reading as I am so I'm never sure whether I should give them books or not. They're great gifts but I always worry about whether they'll read it or not.

    My MM post

  5. Great question and even better answer! It's tough buying books for people sometimes, the only person I have figured out so far is my daughter. But she is two, so that's an easy one I guess. :)

    Here's mine: