Sunday, January 15, 2012

In My MailBox (4)

Hey guys this is my first "Video" in my mailbox!
I was SO nervous doing this video!!!!! and I'm getting over a cold, so bare with me. Getting the hang of talking to a camera =)
I hope you guys like it and take the time to check it out!
Recorded from my laptop. So the quality isn't that great.


  1. I liked The Goddess Test and just got the sequel. I have been meaning to read Fantasy Lover forever. She is supposed to be a great PNR author and the books sounds really hot and interesting. I LOVE LOVE Succubus Blues! The whole series is amazing! I have the first book in the Shift series by Rachel Vincent and I am very excited about it. I would be interesting in the audio book of Cinder. I really want to read or listen to that.
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  2. I can't wait for my copy of Legend to come in! I've been dying to read it! Yay for The Goddess Test! I loved loved loved it! I hope you do too!

    You got a lot of awesome books Janina! They look really really good. I hope you love them all <3 :]

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