Sunday, January 15, 2012

Musing Monday (1/16)

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What devices --if any-- do you read books on? Do you find it enjoyable, or still somewhat bothersome? Or: If you only read the print books, why haven't you chosen to read on any devices?

-I read on my Kindle Tough 3g, which I got for Christmas and have been loving it! Before I got my kindle I would read on my laptop and that got annoying at times because the light would be to bright and gives you headaches, especially if you are reading for long periods of time.
I love my kindle. I feel at times it can be more convenient, especially when it comes to travel, because carrying around those hardback books can weigh you down. But unlike the laptop, the lighting doesn't bother me, because it doesn't have light. (don't know the official term for this) At night I read with my little book light and its not too bright or hurts the eye.
-But I still buy my print books just as much as I buy my eBooks. My print books, still get more love! But to be honest I love them both, neither have been replaced or anything like that. If I really want to read a book and I'm going to be doing a lot of running around for the week, I'll buy it on my kindle. Or If a book is being released soon and I can't wait to read it, I'll pre-order it on my kindle, so when I get up its there. No going to the bookstore for one thing and ending up leaving with 10. Lol

But all in all. I love them both. Print books more than eBooks. But my Kindle get a lot of love too and I just got it.


  1. I'm in love with my Kindle as well. Downside of the one-click ordering, though? I tend to overbuy when there are sales.

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  2. I have used e-ink readers and backlit readers, like my Nook color, and none of them bother my eyes.
    But nothing beats a real book.

  3. I love my eReader (I have a Nook). I agree that reading on a computer can be a real strain!

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  4. I just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and love it, before that I had the regular Kindle. I'm a fan!

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  5. I didn't want the Kindle because I thought it would give me headaches from reading all day, but I guess I'll give it a try now.

  6. I have a Kindle- but have rarely used it. I received it as a gift, but I hadn't asked for one. I think it will be easier for travelling for sure. I also like that it isn't backlit- so it won't get tiring on my eyes. I prefer books in print- but do plan to read some books on my Kindle.


  7. hahaha that's a good point about not making yourself run to a store where you'd come away with 10 instead of 1!! Although... sounds fun! :-)

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  8. I like your reasons! I can totally relate to the walking into the store for one and coming out with 10, lol! New follower here! Here is my MM if you'd like to follow me back: