Monday, August 6, 2012

Musing Monday (8/6)

What attracts you to a book blog? What puts you off in a book blog? Do you share personal stuff on your book blog?
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The first thing that attracts me to a book blog is the overall color scheme of the blog and all that good stuff. Something about that visual affect draws me in. And the next is the content. What you put on your blog and the reviews. I like seeing blogs that have tons of bookish things. Pictures the most, because pictures draws my eye. I like a whole lot of uniqueness :)

Things that put me off about a book blog is first off when things are all out of whack. If there's too much going on then it's hard for me to focus on one particular thing at a time. I guess you can say I like a little bit of organization when it comes to a blog. That's pretty much it.

Sometimes I share personal stuff on my blog, but I don't think I have lately. So, maybe that will come up more in the future. I don't have a problem sharing personal stuff though. So yeah....


  1. I enjoy book blogs with a good aesthetic as well.
    :) clean, simple, and easy to read. speaking of which, I love the background to this blog. thanks for sharing!
    have a great monday


  2. appearance and content..I have to agree. But especially content. I can forgive a lot for great content!

  3. I like the blog to be organised too and also to not have too many things in it.


  4. I don't like clutter either. Your blog is pretty and easy to navigate :)
    New follower!!!

    Here's mine:

  5. I agree with you, but something that puts me off is word verification, I hate it.

  6. I agree with Gigi above, I hate word verification too and clutter. Here's my Musing

  7. I don't think I've ever been to your site before so am so glad I found it through this meme. Great header and have added you to my reader:)

  8. Same here, along with consistency. If a blogger hasn't posted in 2 or 3 months I don't think I'll stick around.

  9. What a great answer. I totally agree--keep it clean and simple.

  10. I agree on posting on a regular basis. Here is my post:

  11. I agree Janina!! I also agree with what Shane said. There's no point following a blogger if they never post.

  12. I'll stay and look around longer on a good looking blog - one that's not cluttered and well organized. I like book blogs to have reviews but also a little more - maybe memes, lists, a bit personal, although I'm cool with none - lord knows there's enough of that on the internet already.

    Tanya Patrice