Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Primal Possession by Katie Reus

Primal Possession
(Moon Shifters, #2)
by Katie Reus
Released |September 4th 2012 by Signet Eclipse|
Edition |E-ARC|
Source |Netgalley|
As his pack’s second-in-command, lupine shifter Liam Armstrong gives orders and takes what he wants—until he meets red-headed, blue-eyed December McIntyre. Liam knows the human beauty is his intended mate the moment he sees her, but December is far too strong-willed to accept his protection. December, whose brother is the town sheriff, has every reason to mistrust shifters after one killed her youngest sibling. But the forceful and handsome Liam has gotten under her skin in a way she hadn’t thought possible, and the desire she feels for him is almost too much to bear.
When a radical hate group targets all humans known to sympathize with paranormal beings, December is attacked in her bookstore. Reluctantly, she turns to the only one who can help her: Liam. And he is going to take her to places within herself she never knew existed.

I would like to thank, first off, Katie Reus and Brittany Gowen for the E-ARC of Primal Possession :) All thoughts are my own!  This was an amazing sequel!

I flew through this book! I read it in a day. Considering I loved the first book, Alpha Instinct, I couldn't wait to see more of Liam. You get to know a little bit about Liam and December in the first book, but you really get to experience all the romance and chemistry up close and personal than from a far.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are consist of all the ones from book one, but with a few additional ones. I really liked Liam and loved that we got to see more of him. He is an overprotective, but adorable guy that any girl would want guarding her back. The chemistry between Liam and December is undeniable. I like the fact that the book started off with them not getting along because to start a book off were the couple is already in love with no drama, that's just not fun. But sometimes December did tend to annoy me with her overbearing attitude. I do love a strong female lead, but at times it was just too much and needed to be toned down a bit.

I also like that we got see deeper into the relationship with Jayce and Kat. I really hope that they are the next book in this series, because I need to know what will happen with those two and I really hope a love triangle does not develop from the situation that happened because that will do nothing but irk the nerve and piss me off. But on another note, the ending was awesome! How cute was that?! :D

Overall, I really liked the sequel and that it was a great addition to the series :) It was action packed with some amazing romance that kept my fingers turning page after page.


  1. I honestly love your reviewing skills!! You make me want to read everything!! So thanks!

  2. I agree with Justine!! Thanks so much for giving me so many good reading options :)

  3. Would you say this is more of a Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance? I've heard mixed reviews, and the deciding factor would probably have to be how much romance there is in it :/ Thanks for the review!