Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Waiting On Wednesday (32): The Body Electric

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"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is

The Body Electric
by Beth Revis
Releases |October 2014 by Scripturient Books|
The future world is at peace.
Ella Shepherd has dedicated her life to using her unique gift—the ability to enter people’s dreams and memories using technology developed by her mother—to help others relive their happy memories.
But not all is at it seems.
Ella starts seeing impossible things—images of her dead father, warnings of who she cannot trust. Her government recruits her to spy on a rebel group, using her ability to experience—and influence—the memories of traitors. But the leader of the rebels claims they used to be in love—even though Ella’s never met him before in her life. Which can only mean one thing…
Someone’s altered her memory.
Ella’s gift is enough to overthrow a corrupt government or crush a growing rebel group. She is the key to stopping a war she didn’t even know was happening. But if someone else has been inside Ella’s head, she cannot trust her own memories, thoughts, or feelings.
So who can she trust?
Why I'm Waiting...
I've never read anything by this author, but I've heard some pretty good things. This book sounds pretty interesting and I'm curious to check it out. 


  1. That cover is gorgeous! I'm also really excited about this one, lovely pick :)

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

  2. I've seen this before! It sounds awesome. :D

  3. I feel like I've read something like this book before that was an indie book? The synopsis seems so familiar. I haven't read Across the Universe yet, I should do that at some point.

  4. This is new to me! Heard of the author but never read her. Hope you enjoy it once you read it!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Hm, not so sure about this... could be awesome, could be dead-snore-boring. Guess I'll be waiting on a few reviews, but I'm adding it to my list. Nice pick! =)
    My WoW

  6. I am definitely waiting on this book too! I've read the first two books in her Across the Universe series and really enjoyed them so I cannot wait to see what she comes up with in her new book.

    Great pick, Janina!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  7. I'm excited for this one as well! I've read Across the Universe and I really liked it so I can't wait to read more from her.

  8. This one looks great! Great cover and amazing plot, count me in!

    Happy Reading!
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves

  9. I love the cover for this one! I hope you enjoy it :)

  10. i have to admit i got middway into Beth Ravis first book in her Across The Universe series and DNF'ed it. it just wasn't for me. But i do like the sound of this one so I might give her another shot and pick this one up! Great pick this week Janina!

  11. I haven't read anything by this author either. Sounds interesting though.

  12. I've never read anything by this author either. I hope you enjoy this one!
    My WoW

  13. I looooooooove Beth Revis, so you sure as hell that I'm going to get this one when it gets released. The premise doesn't sound as great as her space opera YA, so I'm hopefuly it's not as mundane as it really looks.

    Faye at The Social Potato

  14. I still haven't read Across the Universe series but I really want to. I cannot wait to see what you think of this one. Great pick, Janina :)

  15. ooh wow I never knew Beth Revis had a new book coming out!! I really like the story of the dreams and also the cover looks nice!!! Thanks for sharing! Also, I haven't read anything of this author either (NO SHAME! Haha)
    - Farah @MajiBookshelf

  16. Oh, I like the sound of this one! Although the cover reminds me of one'm waiting for Crown of Ice! :D