Friday, March 23, 2012

OMG! Whose going?

 OMG! What's today?!

I am just ecstatic! Today the movie releases :D
Whose as excited as I am... I have so much energy right now and I'm not even seeing the movie today :( Which sucks majorly! I'm going Saturday with my sister because she has to work Friday. But, that's okay. AND my sister has not read the books so this is going to be interesting! I told her if I start to have a freak out session (fan girl moment) to let me know kindly to stop before she slaps me Lol She said Okay......With a little too much enthusiasm :)

And isn't Jennifer Lawrence gorgeous :) I think she would play a great Katniss! But maybe she is too pretty for the role, but who cares?! I love it. I think she kind of makes a great Katniss :) Her eyes are are amazing! My mom has read The Hunger Games series. She hated all the twilight movies (she read those books too), but she said the preview for The Hunger Games actually looks good! She hates book to movie things. She doesn't go to movie theaters, I'll make sure to tell her to buy it when it releases! Lol Love the Mother, I  can get her to read just about anything I read! And guess what?! She's reading Divergent next week!

I imagined Prim exactly like this! I think they picked the perfect girl. And she looks like she compliments the character well. I can't wait for this scene in this movie. I am just super excited!!! I can't contain myself. And I'm also anxious :/ ! Some one help me get control of myself please lol
And Rue!
I imagined her like this too :D I hope I don't let the tears fall when I am watching this or I will be highly upset with myself. I said I wouldn't do it or my sis will think I'm a nut :) But, she is just so pretty! I can just see it now, the tear sliding down my cheek and my sister looking at my like I lost my mind! I'm excited for this scene because it had so much emotion in it in the book and I want to see how the movie captures that moment.


Is it just me or is Cato hot! :O I mean, whoa! lol

I am just too excited! I wish I was going on the release day, but what's another day. I'm going to be mad when everyone starts talking about it and tweeting about lol :)

I think Peeta is a good character match up. I'm still a little iffy about that, but he works it well. I don't really think Liam is a good Gale for some reason. I just didn't imagine him playing the role.

And look at the freaking camouflage!!! That is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :) No wonder he survived so long with that artwork going on. Okay, Mr. Baker! lol (because his family worked in as bakers). My excitement is about to overflow!

Watch the trailer one more time :)


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  2. I am beyond excited!!!! And I'm the only one, my friends are coming with me just because they're being dragged.. ^^'
    Can't believe I'm going today, so few hours remain!!

    You have a really cool mom by the way.. Hunger Games, Divergent.. Damn. Mine barely reads ^^' She doesn't quite understand why I like reading either.

    Hope you'll have a great experience when you finally go to see the movie!

    1. I swear my mom reads more than I do :)
      She's read the House of Night series to by PC Cast
      but I just can't get her to read the Harry Potter books lol

  3. Awesome! I just got back from the movie and it was really good. I saw it with two of my friends that haven't read the book so I did end up having to explain some things. They kept to the book pretty well but still cut things out and kept important scenes short. But what can you do. I'll just have to read the book again. But overall really loved it!

    1. I'm probably going to have to explain thing to my sis :) But I drag her to see everything. Harry Potter, Twilight, but she actually want to see this one!

      I'm just so excited :)

  4. I LOVED IT!!
    Like Jennifer, my friends have not read the books (they refused when I tried getting them interested) so they needed some tidbits. After the movie they all wanted to read series. ;P

  5. I went on Saturday. I was a little peeved I didn't get my fan t-shirt in time to wear it. There alot a book fans there with the Team Gale swag on and I so wanted to rep Peeta. I love the clips in this post. My husband didn't read the books. Back when I reading and gave him snippets, he even said it sounded lame; but he LOVED the movie. That wasn't his exact words, but he didn't slam it. Oh and when I asked him what he thought, he was like "it's a-ight"! LOL, looks like Hunger Games has a new fan!!! Oh and I mentioned going back to see it a second time. I didn't say the exact date, as I'm still waiting on my shirt, but he seems to want to accompany me on the second viewing too. I can tell this b/c he keeps asking when I'm going back!!! *SMILES*