Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top 11 books I need to read ASAP!

Hey everyone,
I am here with a video telling you guys my top 11 books I want/need to read asap.
Books I haven't gotten the chance to read and have just been sitting on my bookshelf and kindle =/
Sad...I'm always so swamped with review books, I rarely get the chance to read any of the books that I buy now.
Tell me your thoughts on some of the books you may have already read or want to read :)

Books Mentioned


  1. I loved Delirium and Hallowed. Die For Me and Hades wer pretty good! I have Insurgent but like you have so many review books I don't know when I will get a chance to read it! I also really want to read City of Lost Souls.

  2. Oh yes, you should definitley read Insurgent ASAP! I just finished it a couple hours ago and I'm still spazzing from it! I loved Hallowed too, and I just got Delirium a couple days ago. Everything else is on my TBR list! Hopefully you'll get to them all!