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Author Interview with Alivia Anders :)

Hey guys,
Here today with an Author Interview with Alivia Anders.
Who took the time out to do this interview!
Her recent release, Illumine, was  published January 7th 2012!

Remember this book?
Yes I previously hosted a past giveaway of this book.
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Author Interview with Alivia Anders:

1. Where is the current place you reside and can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Certainly! My name is Alivia, fairly uncommon spelling of the common name Olivia. My mother had this obsession or something with a character named that in Knots Landing, the old soap opera daytime TV show. Plus, she loves Olivia Newton-John. Sadly, I can't act or sing for my life, so the connection is kind of lame. 

I reside in my head! Haha, kidding, just kidding. I actually live in PA, down in the corner of the dreaded state, home to cows and farms and pretty much nothing. Literally, you got up the road and BAM. Farm. It's not bad, things don't smell like car exhaust, but it is sad when the nearest book store is B&N instead of an indie and even then B&N is about 20 minutes away. 

2.  Have you always wanted to be an author and what or who inspired you to become a writer?
I always knew I wanted to write, I just didn't know what I wanted to do with my writing. I grew up so afraid of wanting to become a writer and endure the whole 'starving artist' thing that I almost stopped writing entirely in High School. But a combination of RPG Forums and my favorite English teacher Mrs. Kern turned me around and brought me right back to writing full speed ahead.

3. When did you write your first complete book? 
My first completed novel happened some time in Middle School. It took up a full notebook in this terribly small chicken scratch, and I think it was about a girl who died and came back and every person she touched she received all their memories. It was really all over the place, didn't have too much of a plot, but I loved it. I still own the notebook in a sealed container in my room- maybe I'll unearth it one day and go over it.

4. Do you take any part in creating your book covers?
Yes! I design every cover for my books. At the height of my RPG Forum days I was also apart of graphic design boards, which got me to buy a copy of Paint Shop Pro, which got me into making all of my own banners, avatars, signatures, you name it. I still make stuff from time to time when I need a little creative jump, so to speak.

5. Do you have any bad habits you do when you are reading?
TONS. I usually say something like, "Oh, I don't like that. I'd of done it like this" or "They just used half of a page for describing the carpet? That carpet better be super important later!" It's terrible. I try not to do it but sometimes I can't help it. 

6. Where is your favorite place to read? 
Usually curled up on the couch with my iPad on my lap.

7.  Are you currently reading any books? 
Yes! Between writing and editing Obumbrate  I'm diving into Everneath by Brodi Ashton. The first few pages sucked me in instantly, I'm hoping the rest of it is just as intense.

8. Who are some of your favorite authors?
I love-love-love-love-LOVE Karsten Knight. If there is a man who can write wit and snark sharper than knives, it's him. And Cassie Claire's Clockwork Angel/Prince books are breathtaking. I adore JK Rowling, Jonathan Stroud, Libba Bray, Cate Tiernan, the list could go on...

9.  Which do you prefer: Stand Alone or Series when it comes to books? 
I'm definitely a series kind of gal. To me, a stand alone makes me sad. What happens if I love that one book so much that I want more, only to find out there isn't any more? It's soul-wrenching, I tell you. 

10. Do you have any advice for writers out there who want to become authors? 
Don't stop. Don't let people tell you it's just a pipe dream. Push yourself to the brink of no return, and then keep going. Trust me, if I can crank out 20k in words in less than 48 hours with no sleep, you can make your dream come true, too.

11. Where can people buy your books?
Illumine can be grabbed, nabbed, hugged, and squealed about at B&N online, Amazon, and Smashwords for all digital formats. Paperbacks are expected mid to late February and I'm keeping everyone in the loop about when those are expected to print!

12. Do you have any websites? (Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.)

Yes ma'am! I have:
My Twitter feed (@aliviaanders)!/AliviaAnders

(Basically you could Google 'Alivia Anders' and you'll find me! Which is good, because I love hearing from people aside from the crazy characters bouncing in my brain.)

Thanks for the interview, Janina! If you need anything or have any other ideas in mind just let me know! 


--Thank You Alivia for such a wonderful Interview!--

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