Sunday, February 12, 2012

Musing Monday (Feb 13)

What is your favorite romantic book --or book that includes a love story? (an adult romance, young adult, kids' story, anything)

I choose a series. Since every book in the series has a happily ever after when it comes to the romance. And of course, I am talking about the Black Dagger Brotherhood series!

It's just something about this series that drew me in from the very beginning. I don't know what it is. Maybe the characters, the romance, the story line...Idk. Each brother in this series has something about them that I adore. When the brothers find there mate, I think the mates and how they act are perfect.

Zsadist and Bella are by far my favorite. I just love Zsadist! In each book, even the very first one, Dark Lover, something drew me to him. Maybe it was is pain and his anger at the world, or maybe the scars on his face and what they represented, I just wanted to know his story. And Bella was perfect for him, and I really liked her.

My favorite quote from Lover Awakened (Zsadist to Bella):
“I was dead until you found me, though I breathed. I was sightless, though I could see. And then you came...and I was awakened.”

I just love it :') I love each and every brother in this series in their own way. My next fave is Vishous! Ha, just thought I'd let ya know :) I guess I like the dark, mysterious, and screwed up type Lol

-By the way, I'm rereading and reviewing this entire series on the blog! And I am on book one, Dark Lover. So be prepared if you are interested...


  1. I'll have to check that series out! :)
    My Monday Memes post

  2. I haven't read that series but like you I do like romance when it is developed in a series.

  3. I haven't heard of this series either but I will have to check it. Series are always great especially when they keep going. Here's my MM

    Happy Reading!
    Cathy @ Addicted to Books