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BaSatai: Outside In by Suzan Battah

Title: BaSatai: Outside In (book #1)
Author: Suzan Battah
Release Date: April 14, 2012 by Createspace
Edition: Paperback Arc

Seventeen year old, Armani Radnelaq a full blooded BaSatai is plagued by a curse in her blood. A curse created from hate and designed to break the divide between two parallel worlds of Earth and H-trae when Armani's blood is spilled in attack and she dies.

S'teuqoubs have been travelling back and forth across the divide for centuries without trouble. The BaSatai and Guardians monitoring activity and enforcing rules to ensure peace and harmony but if the divide splits and opens, a much greater number of supernatural S’teuqoubs will filter into earth destroying equilibrium which the BaSatai and Guardians will be unable to control. Humanity and the BaSatai will suffer and perish. The parallel divide must remain secure at all costs.

Armani has remained hidden on earth with her adopted father Elijah since her birth. She has been raised in the human way and fights her natural instinct to evolve into a BaSatai. The BaSatai in her requires her to evolve and shift, use her powers and strength. Yet Armani is freaked out by the need to shift. She smokes, has a bad attitude, must deal with aggressive bullies and control her natural BaSatai instinct. Her Guardian with BaSatai Warriors are coming for her. She refuses to accept her fate and doesn't believe any BaSatai should die to protect her.

The blood curse maturing in her veins makes her a target for her enemies. Her Guardian Karhl and an elite BasSatai Warrior Rafael are the first to arrive and prepare her for her crossing over. Her attraction to Rafael complicates her purpose to stay on earth even more. They both insist she fall into line and follow their lead but she is not ready to leave earth just yet...

My Thoughts: 
Going into reading this book, I knew it was going to be different! Just by the title of the book. I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did! It was amazing and it was written in a way like it was made for me to read it. Lol If that makes any sense whatsoever! I loved the characters and I loved the whole storyline. It was just so different.

It's so hard to give a review of this book without giving away any spoilers. But I'll try....

Okay. Armani is a girl who is believe to have a curse in her blood. She's not human and she knows it and she also know the BaSatai will come back for her. She was given away to her adopted father Elijah to help mask her from the S'teuqoubs who are trying to kill her.

I really did like Armani. She was in denial about being the one with the cursed blood because she felt she was different enough from the humans. She was smart and brave, but at times she got on my nerves, I must admit. The denial and her mind set not to connect wit Rafael, who I will get to later, annoyed me. But overall, she was a great heroine.

Armani's Guardian Karhl was probably my favorite character. He was confident and sarcastic, but I loved him all the same. I really like him. (smiling right now) Rafael is Armani's, I don't know how to describe this, kind of like a soulmate. I like him a lot too! He is also one of my favorite characters. But boy does he have a temper. And what's with the Lily thing. I'm so confused about that, and I don't like that at all. I also really liked Karhl's "soulmate"! She was fun.

This book was action packed! I loved it. So many things and so many different elements went on in this book that made it amazing, but at times it was confusing. I had to reread certain parts to try to grasp the full concept.

And that ending!!!! What? So confused. And again what the hell is with this dumb Lily girl? I'm sorry bit I just didn't like her character and now I feel she has a major role to play in the next book, which I don't like, even though I knew something was up with her from the get go. BUT, *deep breaths*, whatever. It's just frustrates me! And what Karhl and Armani.....And now......

Whoa! I want to read to know when the next book releases and what is going to happen. I have way too many unanswered questions :(  But, it's a wonderful book! I definitely recommend it! Guys, you have to check this book out when it releases!

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  1. Its official you read the most interesting and awesome books! Just by your review I am very curious to see what this whole story is about. I'm going to amazon right now! lol ;p I can't wait to meet all the characters and find out what the whole "lily" situation is! Glad you enjoyed this Janina! :D

    Awesome review!

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair