Sunday, July 1, 2012

Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon

(Chronicles of Nick, #3)
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Released |March 13th 2012 by St. Martin's Griffin|
Edition |Hardcover, 480 pages|
Source |Library|
The world has fallen in love with Nick Gautier and the Dark-Hunters. Now Nick’s saga continues in the next eagerly anticipated volume...
Go to school. Get good grades. Stay out of trouble. That’s the mandate for most kids. But Nick Gautier isn’t the average teenager. He’s a boy with a destiny not even he fully understands. And his first mandate is to stay alive while everyone, even his own father, tries to kill him.
He’s learned to annihilate zombies and raise the dead, divination and clairvoyance, so why is learning to drive such a difficulty? But that isn’t the primary skill he has to master. Survival is.
And in order to survive, his next lesson makes all the others pale in comparison. He is on the brink of becoming either the greatest hero mankind has ever known.
Or he’ll be the one who ends the world. With enemies new and old gathering forces, he will have to call on every part of himself to fight or he’ll lose everyone he cares about.
Even himself.

LOVED :) This series is so amazing! I swear I need to check out the adult series that started it all. This is the spin off so....But it's awesome!

OMG, Nick-Is-Freaking-Hilarious! I swear that boy just cracks me right on up. I really like Nick's character. He's funny, smart, brave, dorky, hot tempered, cute, and just overall awesome :) In this book, to me, it seems as if it's more darker than the other books. He goes through a lot of terrible situations and accusations that really sucked, for lack of a better word. The way he handled himself in the situations was mature, especially with his mom. I swear that women got on my last nerve. Seriously, I mean you find out a lot about her in this book, but she was EXTREME! I feel you Nick, I feel you.

I think I am in love with Kyrian and Acheon. Specifically Kyrian! I swoon over him :) I don't know what it is about those two, but *sigh*! I still can't figure out Caleb and Kody, especially Kody! With that ending. Whoa :) Was Grim serious?!

This series is an action packed roller coaster that leaves you wanting more. I CANNOT wait for the next installment. I highly recommend this series :) 

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