Friday, July 13, 2012

Intangible by J. Meyers

(Intangible, #1)
by J. Meyers
Released |January 31st 2012|
Edition |Ebook|
Source |Provided by author for review|
Twins Sera and Luke Raine have a well-kept secret—she heals with a touch of her hand, he sees the future. All their lives they’ve helped those in need on the sly. They’ve always thought of their abilities as being a gift. 
Then Luke has a vision that Sera is killed. That gift they’ve always cherished begins to feel an awful lot like a curse. Because the thing about Luke’s ability? He’s always right. And he can’t do anything about it.

This was an amazing read :) I have never read a book about twins before and the fact that they both had Gifts....To see the future and to heal?! How awesome can that get! 4.5 stars to the first installment of this page turning series :)

I really enjoyed this adventurous story. The characters were and amazing and the story was so unique in it's own way. I haven't read a book like this in a while and it was seriously refreshing. I was fast paced with adventure, romance, suspense, and a whole lot more that made this book just that much more awesome!

I loved Luke. He had a great sense of humor that kept the book light. He made me smile :) I don't know if I would be able to handle his gift as a seer though because that's just too much wait to bear. Sera was likable lol I liked her at times, but then at other times I found that she got annoying. That what dropped the book down .5 stars. Something about her annoyed me, but don't get me wrong, I still liked her as a character. She was very brave! I you can never go wrong with that. 

Fey, was and still is a mystery. That girl know she can keep a secret and I also like Jonas. I can't wait to see if there will be a lot more of him in the next installment. I wish something would develop with him and Sera! (hint to the author: that would be a wonderful idea!) Um, don't know what to think about that ending with Marc. He flipped out! I didn't expect that at all and the ending was creepy. When the two people just randomly walk up?! CREEPY, especially the girl. "I always lie" Really, that's nice to know.

Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that the mom never came back from her week long stay. I'm just saying.

Anyways :) I thought this book was amazing and I would definitely recommend this book to YA lovers out there! If this book is of interest to you, check it out. Thanks so much to J. Meyers for providing me with a review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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