Friday, July 26, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday (1)

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Question of the Week
What do you do with your books after you are done reading them?

So I only have one bookshelf which is now full. I sneak books on my moms since we sometimes read the same books :) But as you can see in the photo, they just lay around. I have books all over the place! I need to get more shelves. On each shelf there is two rows of books. One behind each other.

I also have a kindle FILLED with books!

Both read and unread books.

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  1. Oh wow! You have books everywhere... that is heaven !!

    Angela's Anxious Life

  2. Wow, I could never get away with my books being all over like that. Which is why the library is my friend

    New follower on Bloglovin'
    My Blog

  3. LOL I'm also hoarder and I have the same problem! One row behind and one in front. I only have one shelf so the rest are on top of my drawer. I'm thinking of building anther shelf for the books on the drawer but we'll see if i get the time to do it.

  4. Wow you have a lot of books haha. You can never have too many of them though. Good luck with finding creative ways to house them all :) Thanks for following and for the stop on my blog. BlogLovin follower :)

  5. I also have only one bookshelf (that is overflowing :P !). Just followed you on bloglovin. My Hop

    Shounak @ Shounak's book reviews

  6. Whoa.. quite messy *twitches* I would clean it up for you if I could! I can't stand messiness! Already following on bloglovin' :)

    -Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words

  7. I try to put mines on the only shelf I have but I'm failing big time. I feel awful when I have to put some book behind in the dark but I simply don't have space. Great post.

  8. Oh my! That's a lot of books for one shelf!

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Returning the follow!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    NEW Follower :D

  9. my shelf looks like that :) eventually it'll get cleaned up. Thanks for stopping by, following back

  10. Nice! That's like a kid in a candy store to me :) Happy Friday!


  11. I'm happiest when I have books everywhere! ;) Thanks for hopping by my blog and following. I'm now following you too. Happy Reading!

  12. Ha, I would love to walk in a room with books strewn haphazardly everywhere with a big comfy chair right in the middle!!! That's great that you have an overflowing shelf. My books tend to find their way all over the house, just about any room you go into, you'll find at least one or two books there.

  13. Hopping through. That looks a lot like my bookshelves. Books everywhere!
    My Hop

  14. Your picture looks like my office! I've been wading through the books that don't fit on the shelf!
    Thanks for stopping by my FF.

    Kimberly @ Once Upon a YA Book

  15. Yeah, that bookshelf looks a little like mine. I also have the vertical books and in front of them, the horizontal ones. One of my summer goals is to clean that up and give away some books!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  16. Woah, that's one heck of a pile! That's what my old bookshelf looked like until I bought another one - but even that one is filling up!

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  17. Wow! Big shelf! That's exactly what mine looks like and it's spilling everywhere! There's just not enough room!

    Happy Reading!
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves

  18. Wow you do need some more shelves! I know exactly how that goes though - that's why I love eBooks, they don't take up space!

    New Bloglovin' and Twitter Follower
    Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun
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  19. Oh my bookshelf broke so ALL my books are in my closet. LMAO...;p You definitely need a WHOLE room for your books, Janina! XD

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  20. That's awesome! Happy Friday! New follower via bloglovin

    My FF

  21. Intense! I keep my overflow books in crates and boxes or mine would probably look like that, too! New follower on bloglovin'!

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    katy @ a blighted one

  22. Wow... That's a lot of books! My shelf used to look like that, but I finally upgraded to two shelves. Already a follower :)

    ~Sydney@Pika Pages

  23. Hehe, that bookshelf makes me happy - so packed! =)

    I'm a new follower via GFC, Goodreads, Facebook, Tumblr, Bloglovin' and Twitter (yeah I went a bit crazy =D).

    Rinn @ Rinn Reads

  24. What a packed bookshelf! Mine are like that. and they're completely filled now! Thank god for my kindle!
    Thanks for stopping by my FF, I'm a new GFC and Bloglovin' follower :)

  25. My room looks really similar - too many books for my bookshelf!
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  26. I only have one bookshelf as well, I need another one so I can start adding more paperback books, just don't have the pace right now, I still have a whole box of books that never got unpacked bc I have no room.

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    Kanettra @ ~Reader-Writer-Auth0r!~

  27. I don't have a bookshelf at all. So your bookshelf looks like my closet :P Now following you on GFC and Bloglovin' Great Site!

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  28. I keep most of my books too which is seriously straining my storage space-I need a better system!

  29. Wow, that's a lot of books all over the place! I have a ton on top of all of my dressers too because my two bookshelves are small and overflowing already. I'd love to have a room full of books someday :)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier! Bloglovin' follower :)

    By the way, I love that you have a John Green quote on your layout!

  30. Sorry it took me so long to follow back. I have been traveling across country to California.

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