Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top 8 - Series I Have No Interest in Finishing (At the Moment)

I thought I'd make this post because for some reason every time I think about finishing or continuing with these series or trilogies, I just don't want to.

I guess I'll just list them and explain why briefly.

I actually surprised MYSELF with this trilogy, because I loved the first book and went out to buy the second one immediately. Started the second one, was ENJOYING it, but stopped at page 136. I still have the bookmark in there holding my page. But every time I think about picking Clockwork Prince back up, I just can't. I do not enjoy this series as much as I enjoy The Mortal Instruments (might be a shock), but the love triangle is a bore to me. I loved Will and Jem was just boring (in my opinion, please don't shoot me!)..I think the triangle is what turns me off from the trilogy the most. I hate triangles, but can deal with them in most books, but I just can't with this one. The book already throws me off because I don't care for historical books. And plus I got a major spoiler from a blogger for Clockwork Princess, so ugh now I don't want to continue it that much more because I know what happens. I still might buy Clockwork Princess just to have it on my shelf with Angel and Prince, but for now I do not plan on continuing the trilogy no time soon or in the future. 

I also enjoyed the first book in this series as well, but I have not brought myself to start book two. I think one day I will pick this series back up (I don't know when), but for now I don't think I'm in the mood for them. I love the idea of it being Dragon shifters, AWESOME! I'd have to be like, 'OKAY, Vanish, I'm ready for you now' but that ain't happening in the near future. 

I actually made it all the up to Ruthless (book 10 or something) and was really enjoying the series. But then the show aired...And I said 'F*** the books' lol I know the show is a bit different from the books, but they keep me intrigued more. I feel like since I love the show, and with me reading the books, things would probably get to confusing for me. I think maybe I might pick these back up, but idk about that now. 

Okay, so I never really like these books. I didn't understand them and they were weird, but I read all the way up to book 3 and finally called it quits because things were just too weird for me. 

I didn't really care for the first book all that much. I mean it was okay to me, but I find that I don't remember anything about what happened in the story. So I probably won't continue on.

I actually kind of sorta like the first book to this, but once again I don't remember anything from the story. In order for me to continue on with the series, I would need to reread the first book which I have no interest in doing. 

I enjoyed book one enough, but uh no.

With this series, I didn't like the first book all the well. And I couldn't finish the second book all. I barely made it past the first 4 chapters. So yeah, I will never finish this series. 

I actually have more series, but I think I'm gonna stop here :)
Thoughts and opinions?


  1. I can't believe?? You enjoyed TMI more than TID! Wow I believe you're the fist to say that. My advice is too keep going especially because of Clockwork Princess because it's magical. For the Firelight series well the second book was a huge disappointment for me but I enjoyed the last one though. And the Wolves of Mercy Falls isn't something extraordinary but I love the writing.
    For the others I either abandoned them too or not planing to start them at all.

    Still I hope you'll go on with TID!

    1. At the moment, I highly doubt I finish TID. I honestly just don't care for the characters and am not emotionally connected to them like I am the TMI ones.

  2. Ahh, the Pretty Little Liars...I started watching the show before I read the books. Big mistake, in my opinion. I just can't love the books as much as I love the show. I finished the first eight installments and will probably read even further one day, but for now, it's just enough. The Immortals is difficult for me, too. I liked Evermore okay, hated Blue Moon and was intruiged by Shadowland. However, I guess the series will never really blow me away, and if I wasn't as OCD as I am, I wouldn't finish it either :)

  3. The Wolves of Mercy Falls was awesome, in my opinion. TID love triangle scared me as well and infuriated me at times, but I finished CP2 and it was amazeballs! I literally laughed out loud, cried, giggles and wanted to throw my hardcover copy against the wall. It was the best of the three for sure. The Immortals series--oh boy.. I read the first two and started the third one, but I just.. can't. These books aren't that good. The Firelight series--I've read Vanish and you have no idea how freaking bad I wanted to slap Jacinda. I listened to the audiobooks and 16 hrs of that narrator was enough for me even though I really liked her. I just can't bring myself to start the third one. For me I'm in the middle of Across the Universe series and I'm currently reading A Million Suns for the past two months and I love it, I really do. It's just that I left it for a week or so and when I came back to it, I managed to read two chapters and that's it. Haven't touched it since. It's so hard to get into now, but I really do love it. Hopefully I'll finish it SOON.

  4. This is a great topic! I read the first Clockwork book, and just had no interest in continuing. Then again, I never went past #3 in the Mortal Instruments -- I thought I was done, the story had reached a conclusion, and I was so surprised when more books kept coming! I felt like I'd already read a complete story, never wanted to go back. I read all of the Wolves books, but they certainly went downhill. I could probably name at least another 5 or 10 series that I started but then quit. Especially if you read them as they're published (as opposed to all at once, right in a row), they've got to be pretty great to keep me coming back when a year or more has gone by.


  5. Great post! I actually only read the first TID. I was going to read the next, but didn't get to it and now I've kind of lost interest. I started Halo (such a pretty cover!) but couldn't get into it.

  6. AHHHHH......girl you have to finish TID! I totally get why you like TMI more but, it will not be a waste of time to finish the series! It honestly will blow you away. And I TOTALLY AGREE about the PLL series. I have read the first 3 or 4 books, and WTH...they are so ridiculous now, especially since the show came out. I'm surprised you actually like them though, my feelings towards them is pretty much non-existant. I also agree about Evermore. I didn't like the first one either and didn't even bother with the second. lol ;p I know of the other series, but I haven't gotten around to them yet. Maybe I'll put them off, especially after your post! LOL ;p

    I LOVE this post, btw! Awesome idea! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  7. I felt like Firelight was the best of the books anyway but I enjoyed them all enough to actually buy them all. Don't blame you at all for not finishing PLL-why are there so many?

  8. I haven't even started on The Infernal Devices yet, although I'm a fan of The Mortal Instruments. I wanted to wait out having all three books at hand, but I might keep waiting a little longer. Because although so many are swooning over those, I just can't find it in me at the moment. I think it's weird, too. ^^
    Second, the Wolves of Mercy Falls! I LOVED Shiver, but I haven't read on yet. Mostly because I have so much other stuff to read right now, and I wanted to wait for the winter. Yeah, there's nothing putting me off those just yet, so once this heat is over, I'm gonna keep going with Linger. ;)
    The Immortals.... I somehow made it through -- don't ask me how! It was torture, and not worth it although book 5 and 6 were slightly better then the rest. The whole story in itself was bull for me, but I guess some would call it a masterpiece.