Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shadowlands by Kate Brian

(Shadowlands, #1)
by Kate Brian
Released |January 8th 2013 by Hyperion|
Edition |Hardback, 336 pages|

Source |Library|
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Rory Miller had one chance to fight back and she took it. Rory survived and the serial killer who attacked her escaped. Now that the infamous Steven Nell is on the loose, Rory must enter the witness protection program. Entering the program alongside her, is her father and sister Darcy. The trio starts a new life and a new beginning leaving their friends and family behind without a goodbye.
Starting over in a new town with only each other is unimaginable for Rory and Darcy. They were inseparable as children but now they can barely stand each other. As the sisters settle in to Juniper Landing, a picturesque vacation island, it seems like their new home may be just the fresh start they need. They fall in with a group of beautiful, carefree teens and spend their days surfing, partying on the beach, and hiking into endless sunsets. Just as they’re starting to feel safe again, one of their new friends goes missing. Is it a coincidence? Or is the nightmare beginning all over again?

I really enjoyed this book, even though I am still utterly confused with the ending. This book was a really quick read for me. The pacing and flow of writing the author created for this book was awesome :) And I also really enjoyed the mystery element brought to the story, but this review is so hard for me to write because I am so confused with everything. The characters are what I'm the most confused about thought. We'll get into that later.

The of the story is that Rory and her family are under witness protection from a serial killer who tried to kill Rory. So they move to this new place called Jupiter landing which is where things start to get a little bit unclear for me. But anyways (lol), Rory was pretty much your typical character, but I liked her. The author really knows how to bring out the element of fear within a story. Rory is still terrified of what happened to her the day they had to leave their home. Her, her sister, and her father haven't been as close to each other since the death of their mother. But they start to somewhat create a bond throughout the story. Now, I didn't care to much for Darcy all that much.

And then we start to meet all these new characters, Tristan, Kristin, Olive, Joaquin and that's when things start getting confusing for me. These new people were acting weird as all get and I was with Rory, I wanted to know what the heck was going on! We had some stalkers and some major weirdos, but all in all, they kept me curious to want to find out more.

I didn't really like the romance though. I mean their was the Christopher guy in the beginning, but once they went under witness protection, we never really heard much about about his character again. And then their was Tristan, but we really didn't get to know much about him either. And I also felt like the ending wasn't explained well enough. I mean it was SHOCKING because I wasn't expecting it, but I just don't understand how all of that happened and how Rory is still being 'stalked' by a serial killer.

But overall, I did really enjoy the story and can't wait to read the next :) Hopefully things will be cleared up for me in book 2.


  1. It sounds like there were too many elements and new characters thrown in the mix at once making it jumbled. I'm glad you ended up enjoying it even though you were so confused. It's a gorgeous cover anyway!

    1. It was in a way :) I can't wait wait to read the second though!

  2. This book always catches my eye with the description and cover. This is definitely on my summer TBR list!

  3. I've seen this cover so many times. It was one of the most requested books on NG and probably the most picked book at WOW. I was afraid of this because it sounded too weird. I mean it's hard to connect with the characters when the story is like that. I'm glad you enjoyed but I highly doubt that I'll read it :)

    1. Aw, I've been really curious about it for so long, that I new I had to give it a try!

  4. I am really looking forward to this one as well. It is on my summer TBR pile, and I have heard some amazing things about it. Its too bad about the characters but I do find stories with plots and twists intriguing, so I think I'll enjoy this! Glad you enjoyed this despite your confusions! Hopefully, the next book fairs better for you! :)

    Great review, Janina!

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  5. I've seen a lot about this book, but I have yet to pick it up. I really like some of Kate Brian's books so I hope I will like this one too. Nice review!

    ~Sydney@Pika Pages

  6. I hear a lot of mysterious things about this ending, it is making me really curious! I don't have much tolerance for romance that isn't fleshed out though. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this one!

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland

  7. Too bad about the confusing ending an not so good romance but I think this one sounds pretty good still. Great review.

  8. I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! I have to agree with you, this was a fast read for me as well. Kate Brian's writing was amazing!! I wasn't that bothered with the romance though! THE ENDING, crazy huh? haha. great review!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  9. I was kind of disappointed in myself because, though I don't usually, I read the ending first and it kind of spoiled the book for me. I don't think I'll be continuing with the series because I'm just not that enthusiastic about it.