Sunday, August 11, 2013

Guest Post - Meredith Towbin

Hey Everyone,

I would love for you to check out this Guest Post by Meredith Towbin.
If you would like to help her out, that would be awesome :)
I just recently reviewed her books and thought it was pretty good.

Eighteen-year-old Anna has lived her whole life in shame, losing herself in books to cope with crippling panic attacks triggered by her abusive parents. Forced into a psychiatric hospital, she can’t imagine a future that’s anything but bleak—until she meets Caleb, a gifted, 19-year-old artist who insists he’s an angel.
He swears his mission is to help Anna break free from her parents’ control and fulfill a destiny that she can only dream of. The doctors, however, are convinced that Caleb is delusional.
Anna doesn’t want to be that girl who’s in love with the crazy guy, but when she sees his stunning portraits of her and the way he risks everything to keep her safe, she can’t help but imagine a new future for both of them, filled with hope. But just when it seems they’ve created heaven on earth, Caleb’s past emerges full force, threatening to destroy their tiny, blissful world. And Anna has to decide if she should follow her heart, or if Caleb’s really as troubled as his doctors say…

Guest Post
STRAIGHTJACKET makes the cut in Walmart’s Get on the Shelf Contest
Meredith Towbin

Last month I entered my young adult novel STRAIGHTJACKET into Walmart’s Get on the Shelf Contest. The contest allows people to compete for a chance to get their products sold in Walmart and on

I learned yesterday that my video entry made the cut and is now in the audition round! Which is amazing since my video entry is not actually a book trailer but a ridiculous infomercial!

Here’s the thing: I need votes. Lots and lots of votes. If I get enough votes, I’ll move onto the finalist round and I’ll be so, so close to getting STRAIGHTJACKET into stores! I’m up against some stiff competition – BIC, Zenith, rubber thingies that prevent hoses from leaking…but I’m the only YA novel up there.

You can watch the video and vote for me (up to once per day) through September 2 at the following link:

If you guys could help me spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, etc., that would be amazing! Thank you to all you YA book lovers for your support!

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Twitter: @mtprose
Facebook: Meredith Towbin

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  1. I found this book interesting when you reviewed it Janina. I'll definitely check this out and the link! :D Thanks for the guest post!

    ~ Maida
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