Thursday, December 8, 2011


Title: Alienation (C.H.A.O.S., #2)
Author: Jon S. Lewis
Release Date: January 3, 2012
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers


The invasion was only the beginning.
After his parents were killed in a car accident, Colt McAllister was drawn into a world he thought only existed in comic books-one where mind control, jet packs, and flying motorcycles don't even scratch the surface.
Along with his best friends Oz and Danielle, Colt is now training at the secret Central Headquarters Against the Occult and Supernatural academy. But strange accidents seem to follow him. . . even with the security of the school grounds. What first seems random soon turns deadly. But who is targeting Colt?
As the alien invasions increase in frequency and force, C.H.A.O.S resources are taxed to the limit and they're forced to utilize the new recruits. In the midst of battle, Colt will discover some startling revelations . . . about himself, his friendship with Oz, and why he has been chosen to defeat this alien attack against earth.

My Thoughts:
This is the second installment of the C.H.A.O.S series called Alienation by Jon S. Lewis. After everything with the invasion, Colt and his two best friends, are about to begin training at the Chaos Academy, The Central Headquarters Against the Occult and Supernatural academy. But as things soon get underway, Colt finds out that someone wants him dead, but who would want to kill him and who could get past safety and security of the within the Academy's wall.

I really enjoy the characters in this series. I find that they are all unique and play their role as their character well, even the aliens. Colt, Oz, and Danielle are by far my favorite. Their friendship is so pure and you can relate. Colt, the laid back surfer kid, Oz, the nerdy and energetic kid who is always into something, and Danielle, the kid too smart for her own good. Krone, a Thule, plays a big factor in this book. I'm not going to say too much about that but I like his character. Grandpa McAlister, is also one of my favorite characters! He's the glue to the story for me. Smart and lovable, the way a grandpa should be.

The action in these books are always amazing! From one adventure to the next, which keeps you wanting more! The adventures keep you in anticipation and suspense. One of the major thing I love about this series. Not too much romance in this book with the characters like in the first book, Invasion, but that's okay. I barely noticed. And the ending...Why would you end this book like that? When I got to that last page, I was thinking, "Noooooo, not now, not in this spot!" I can't wait for book three.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! I think the book is very fast pace and a very quick read. I recommend this book to everyone who loves some good action and of course, Aliens! Even if you don't like aliens, which were never my thing by the way, I think you should check out this series. You never know!


  1. This book is one I keep looking at. I didn't realize it was the second in a series, guess I should pick up the first then as well.

  2. Sounds like a good one! I should look into the first book. :D Nice review!