Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Reviews?

Okay I thought about this for a while now.
If anyone wants to do a guest review on my blog and will do it.
I've been wanting to do this for a while. It doesn't matter if you have a blog or not.
If you want to do it. Comment here or email me at letting me know if you would like to participate and have in the subject Guest Review?
There are really no criteria: anyone can be apart of it! 
-This is just a fun way to get to know you and ways for people to check out different books/reviews.

  • It doesn't matter what book you want to review. I would prefer YA, Paranormal Romance (YA or Adult, Dystopian, Urban Fantasy etc..
  • It could be a book you've already read or one you are currently reading...
  • You could send me your review through my email (list above) or send me a link to where it is posted and I would like to what book you are reviewing and the author
  • I will post the review with your picture (optional), a little bit about you (provide by you, also optional),  review, and all the links you provide to me. Ex: your blog, twitter, goodreads etc.
  • I would like for your reviews to be at least 200 words.
I think I pretty much covered it all. If your interested let me know!
-Happy Readings =)


  1. Sounds like fun, I want in! LoL but I don't know which review to pick.

  2. It doesn't matter what book. Just as long as it in one of the genres.
    -Just email me the name of the book/author and the review when you figure it out. A little bit about yourself and what you like. And if you want your picture (you don't have to have a picture)
    -Oh...And your links!
    I didn't think anyone would wan to do it..

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