Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Title: Gone (Dream Catcher, #3)
Author: Lisa McMann
Edition: paperback


Janie thought she knew what her future held. And she thought she’d made her peace with it. But she can’t handle dragging Cabel down with her. 

She knows he will stay with her, despite what she sees in his dreams. He’s amazing. And she’s a train wreck. Janie sees only one way to give him the life he deserves: She has to disappear. And it’s going to kill them both.

Then a stranger enters her life — and everything unravels. The future Janie once faced now has an ominous twist, and her choices are more dire than she’d ever thought possible. She alone must decide between the lesser of two evils. And time is running out. . . .

My Thoughts:
This is the final installment in the Dream Catchers series by Lisa McMann. After Janie finds out that she will go blind in the future from being suck into all the people's dreams. For Caleb's sake, she feels she needs leave, disappear. But when a stranger enters her life, everything begins so unravel.

Okay, let me start off saying that I enjoyed the first two books in the series, I really did. But this book is more like 2 1/2 stars for me. I just didn't like it. I still love Caleb but Janie...... I not going to lie, I couldn't finish this book. I stop a little over half way through, I ended up skipping to the last few pages just to see if she would end up with Caleb. I know, you where almost finished why didn't you just finished it? I was just so disappointed in this book.

My reasons....
This book started off bad for me from the get go. Janie just complained about everything to the point where it was so annoying. She was so indecisive, so irritating and so distant. I mean, I understood what she was going through considering the situation, but come on, sooner or later your going to have to suck it up, get over it, and deal with it. It was so depressing. I also, didn't like how she treated Caleb and lied to him, like everything she was feeling was just peachy. He already knew something was up.
I feel like everything could have been played out better that what it was. I felt like there was just something missing from the story entirely. I also understood the issues with her mom, but still, I feel it could have been written out better.

But, I did enjoy the first two books in the series, just not this one. But I do recommend you at least give this series a try because your opinion my be completely different that mine.

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