Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lawe's Justice

Title: Lawe's Justice (Breeds, #26)
Author: Lora Leigh
Edition: Paperback

In Lora Leigh's scorching new Breed novel, two adversaries are destined to explore the only thing they have in common: an irresistible mating heat...

Diane Broen's lived to protect her younger sister Rachel from harm. But now that Rachel has been mated off, Diane's occupied herself with less fulfilling tasks at the Genetics Council--until she's paired with a new team member, a Breed male notorious for his attitude, and a touch that makes her recoil.

Lawe isn't thrilled with her either. A lion at heart, he prefers a lair of solitude. When it comes to females, he'd rather snarl than purr. And while fate may have paired them to fight on the same team, neither is willing to admit to the obvious: the mating heat between them is positively incinerating.

It's only when danger threatens that they make a hotter-than-hell connection--one so explosive it could destroy them. Or, as providence reveals, bind them together, forever.

My Thoughts:
This installment was Diane and Lawe's story. Two completely dominate people who have to come together for the mission they are set on, while trying to contain their anger and mating heat away from one another. As danger threatens, will it destroy them or will it reveal what they have fighting against from the start?!

I loved Lawe Justice. He character was so "primal". I loved his thinking process. The way he battles with his inner animal. The way things get heated between Lawe and Diane is what makes this book great. From their fighting and heated arguments or to their lustful and sensual romps in the sheets. Which was written so precisely, it amazes me!

I liked Diane but she kind of got on my nerves at times. You could tell she cared for Lawe but was trying so hard to push her feelings aside. I mean, I understand a women being strong and independent but she took it to a long they increasingly annoying as the book progressed. I felt she could of been a little more understanding about the way Lawe wanted to protect her considering his past and things he saw and experienced. She wants him to sacrifice the way he feels about certain things, but she wouldn't even think about making the sacrifice he wanted for her. But it wasn't too too bad, I could kind of overlook it at times. I still enjoyed her character though. And you have to give her credit...

That is what stopped this book from being a 5/5 stars. The ending, didn't really come to any conclusions. It didn't really tie the main events of this story together, wanting you to anticipate and long for the next book. Which I do. I want to know what's going to happen with everything, especially with baby Amber.

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