Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bookish Quotes (8)

Hey Everyone,

I haven't done one of these in while and decided to do one today. I went on goodreads and screen shot some of my liked quotes from books, so I can share them with you. I have a thing for sad quotes. It might be a little bit evident in this post. But this is just a few of the many that I have liked on goodreads :)

I hope you guys like some of the quotes! If you do, let me know which one!

I absolutely love J.R. Ward :) One of my fave authors!

A few more

Yes, more...

Acheron was one of the saddest and best books that I have read!
I bawl my eyes out while reading this book.


  1. I really love that "It's easy to look at people..." quote from Acheron. I've never read the book but the quote is beautiful. It's so true though.

    I love quotes from books - most of my favorites are the sad ones too. :)

  2. You and I like some of the same quotes, my friend. I adore the JLA and Richelle Mead quotes and I'll soon get to discover J.R. Ward's quotes since I'm planning on starting this series (even though I've read some random books from that series lol) Lovely picks, Janina! ;)

    1. I hope you enjoy the series :) I love it! And JLA and Mead are awesome as well!

  3. Love the JR Ward quotes! I also have been meaning to continue her series I did read book 1 though and liked it! :)

    1. I hope you like the rest of the books whenever you get to them :)

  4. These are some amazing quotes!! Richelle Mead and JLA ones are my fave. I still haven't read that famous series by JR Ward but I'll get to it one day. Great picks, Janina :)

  5. Great quotes Janina! And yes yes yes for including Richelle Mead here, her books are amazing :)

    Happy Reading!
    Patrick @ The Bookshelves