Monday, February 3, 2014

January Wrap Up and February TBR (2014)

Hey Everyone,

I know my wrap up post is kind of late, but I'm going to do it anyway :)
For November I read 5 books, which was exciting. I'm really surprised that I got through this many books since I've been really busy with school. I'm also trying to play catch up on my review books. *sigh! There are not enough hours in the day!

January Wrap Up
Mist - 3 stars - review bookreview - finally read this after months of having it!
Virals - DNF - audio - review
Heartbeat - 3 stars - review bookreview
Into the Still Blue - 4 stars - review bookreview
Uninvited - 3.5 stars - review book - review to come

February TBR


  1. Ohh, I hope you enjoy Killer Frost (I'm listening to the audio of Dark Frost which is pretty good) and Fire & Flood (I've seen some really great reviews and only one meh one) though White Space.. I wonder what you think of it, because most people who have been reading it on my GR feed have been all "WTF" about it. Doesn't really make a lot of sense etc. I still wish you good luck though! :)

    1. I was just curious about White Space because it was a read now on edelweiss. I so excited for Killer Frost and Fire and Flood!

  2. Every time I see somebody reading Mist, it makes me want the book more! Must restrain myself until I can get it in paperback!

    1. Mist was actually pretty interesting. It just took me awhile to sit down and read it. I hope you get it :)

  3. Good job on getting a lot of reading in! I've been having difficulty with that too. Not enough time in the day. LOL