Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Movie Reviews (short): Catching Fire, Ender's Games, and City of Bones

Hey Everyone,
I'm here with a couple of movie reviews of movies released in the past few months based off books :) Have anyone read any of the books or seen any of the movies?What did you think of the movies if you saw them?

Okay, so I was really excited for Catching Fire because I just loved the trilogy and I enjoyed the first movie. I was really curious to see how the second one would turn out and it did not disappoint. I seriously enjoy this movie so much! I felt all the characters played their role extremely well and the excitement and anticipating of the scenes were all there for me. And omg, so of the scenes were straight out of the book and were played awesome! I have to agree with some people on that :) I always feel like these movies have some slow parts though. It wasn't slow as in boring, but slow and building up to the next scene. Overall, I loved the movie and can't wait to see how they play out Mockingjay. Speaking of Mockingjay, the Mockingjay dress? Oh say I heard they were splitting Mockingjay into a two part movie. Is that true?

When I saw this movie, I knew there was a book based on it, but I didn't not read the book. So I have no idea how this movie compares to the book. I did enjoy the movie though. It wasn't the best, in my opinion, but I found it very interesting and I'm now curious enough to check out the book at some point. I loved the whole space theme and how the kids played a major role. Ender's way of thinking was interesting and it made him smart and great at surviving. If I were to give a rating, I would probably rate the movie around 3.5 stars which isn't to bad :)

I love this book series, but was pretty skeptical about seeing the movie for some reason. I wasn't to thrill about the character who was playing Jace because it just wasn't how I pictured him in my head lol Is that bad? But by the end of the movie, I actually liked the guy. I enjoyed the movie as well, but there were parts that I didn't like. Valentine wasn't one of my favorites. I didn't like his character all that much. He was sort of weird and not at all how I imagined him in my head. And yes, the movie had its cheesy moments that made me just all out crack up and LOL because of the cheesiness. But it was still enjoyable. Alec's character surprised me. I mean, he was sort of bad ass and his snarky attitude towards Clary was dead on. I'm excited to check out more of the movies now. 


  1. I was pretty sceptical about City of Bones too, but I think it turned out okay. Not as good as I'd hoped, and I was definitvely disappointed by Valentine. Like you said, not at all as imagined.
    And I LOVED The Hunger Games as a movie, but haven't had a chance to watch the second movie yet. Looking forward to it, though. Glad to know it was about as good as the first! =)

  2. I was surprised by City of Bones. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would :) I LOVED Catching fire. Wow. I was blown away by the cast and the whole sphere. Yes, the Mockingjay dress was gorgeous. I believe the next book will be split in 2 parts.

  3. I saw Cathing Fire twice and loved it! I thought it was absolutely perfect, and even though I agree with you that some scenes are a bit too slow, when it ended I just wanted more. I wanted the next movie right then and there. Sucks that we have to wait for another year. And, yes, I heard that they are splitting book 3 in two movies as well. Normally, I wouldn't like the idea, but given that the first two movies were very long, it might be best to make two movies this time. Also, that means more Hunger Games awesomness. :D

    When I went to Ender's Game I hadn't read the book. I have all the series on my bookshelf, and after I watched the movie and really, really liked it, I went straight to the book. They are very different. I mean, completely different. In the book the plot is more complex, and it also focuses quite a lot of Ender's brother and sister. You see, they are just as smart as Ender, so they have a great part to play in politics on Earth during the war against the Formics. The book is not very big, so, if you liked the movie, you should give it a try. Personally, I loved the book more than the movie. I can't wait to continue the series.

    City of Bones... well, this is the only one I watched without reading the book. I started reading it after I saw the movie, just to give the whole Mortal Instruments thing a second chance. I thought the movie was pure torture. The only characters I liked were Jace and Simon. But it was so full of childish cliches, that I was cringing at every scene. I managed to read only 20% of City of Bones, and I'm not sure I'll finish it. I don't know... Maybe the next books are better than the first one. I can only hope.

    Oana @All Fantasy Worlds

  4. I ended up liking the guy who played Jace as well and didn't think that I would at first