Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From Me To You (1) - Blog Tours

 About - From Me To You
From me to you is something that I decided to do on my blog. Where I talk about a certain topic that people may have asked me or that is a topic going around on blogs! I hope everyone enjoys this :) It's something I just decided to do. Keep in mind these thoughts are just my opinions and experiences with book blogging from me to you :) I'm going to try to do these weekly or maybe every two weeks. I don't know how that will go.

 This Week's Topic

Blog Tours

I get a few questions about blogs tours and what they are. So here is a little a bit of insight that I know about blogs tours and how I have experienced them.

Blogs tours are is a fun thing for book bloggers and authors in my opinion. It's your way of finding new books, getting to know an author, doing a guest post, or maybe even hosting a giveaway. Also, you can come up with your own thing for the blog tour. Just run it by the person hosting the blog tour. Blog tours are also a way for an author to get reviews for their book and to interact with bloggers :) As far as I know and what I have experience as a blogger, you do not have to pay to review the book. With a blog tour your post needs to be ready and posted by the date you are given. Not a day late.

Reviewing books for a blog tour.
When you review a book for a blog tour, it's just like posting a regular review to your blog. There are no extras to it. Just tell your honest opinion of the book whether you like it or not. Don't stress over it feeling you need to have it perfect. Just be yourself like you do in any other book review you do. Make sure you have the book read before your blog tour stop!

Author interviews for blog tours.
Author interviews are so FUN! You get to make up your own questions, that you want to ask an author and they answer them :D Don't have to many questions! lol Authors are extremely busy. I love reading the author's answers to my questions. It's like a way of get to knowing them. This is one of the things I do the most when I am doing a blog tour! That and reviews :) Sometimes you email the author personally with your questions and sometimes you send your questions through the person running the blog tour and they give your questions to the author. And it's so fun when the author stops by your blog and comment on it!

Guest Post for a blog tour.
Guest posts is where you give an author a topic to talk about and they answer it. I personally haven't done to many of these because it's so hard to come up with a topic that has not been repeated so many times! Say it's a question or a topic you have really wanted to ask an author, well here's your chance!

I try to participate in tons of blog tours! I just love them and I love to check out other people's blog tour stops :) I hope this may have answered some of your questions.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I just made my blog recently and was really wondering about this. I think that it'd be a lot of fun to host a blog tour sometime, I'm just not completely sure on how to go about doing it if you know what I'm saying. Anyway, great post, very informative.