Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thanks Ishita :D

I would like to take this time to thank Ishita for the new blog design!
My blog was okay before she designed it. I did everything myself with my lack of skills. But Ishita took my okay blog to an AMAZING blog :) Her talent speaks for itself lol She was so kind and she let me be apart of the redesign. She took my wants into consideration and made it happen. I was always apart of the designing process.  She's a really nice girl and everyone should, yes I said should, check out her blog and her redesign blog because they are awesome!

Her pricing is affordable and the outcome of the blog is amazing.

Thank you so much Ishita,

Link to blog design website:
Twitter: @heyitsfishy


  1. Aww thanks Janina! It was so much fun working with you! :D

  2. Your blog was pretty before, but it is even better, it is so gorgeous! I love it! I am jealous!