Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson

Confessions of a Murder Suspect
(Teen Detective Series, #1)
by James Patterson
Released |September 24th 2012 by Little, Brown and Company|
Edition |Hardback, 372 pages|
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James Patterson returns to the genre that made him famous with a thrilling teen detective series about the mysterious and magnificently wealthy Angel family . . . and the dark secrets they're keeping from one another.
On the night Malcolm and Maud Angel are murdered, Tandy Angel knows just three things: 1) She was the last person to see her parents alive. 2) The police have no suspects besides Tandy and her three siblings. 3) She can't trust anyone--maybe not even herself. Having grown up under Malcolm and Maud's intense perfectionist demands, no child comes away undamaged. Tandy decides that she will have to clear the family name, but digging deeper into her powerful parents' affairs is a dangerous-and revealing-game. Who knows what the Angels are truly capable of?

I've only read one James Patterson book before, which was the first in the maximum ride series and i enjoyed, and this book was just as enjoyable. The writing style of James Patterson is definitely unique. It always take me a while to warm up to it, but once I do, I fall in love with it! I don't think I've read a book that has been written the same way and that's what makes it so different. I thought this was a fantastic book! I don't read too many mystery/detective stories and this one had me really intrigued.

The main character, Tandy, was determined to find the killer of her parents, but the catch, was that the only logical suspects was either her or one of her siblings. Throughout this story I was just as confused to who the killer. But I must say, her detective skills were awesome. The angel siblings also had certain 'strengths', which I thought made the story that much better.

As I was reading the book, it took my mind on a journey that left my brain pounding. Trying to piece together all the clues that made you think you were getting close, but then led to nowhere. Mind boggling!

The shocking truth to what happened to the parents of the Angel siblings was so unexpected. I would have never guess and it also made my eyes tear up a bit. Also, what will happen to the brother who is currently in jail? (I'm telling you now that this is not a spoiler! So, don't take these words at face value.) And will Tandy ever have closer with the Rampling guy?

Overall, the book was great! It was very entertaining and intriguing. If you love a good mystery, I definitely recommend this story :)


  1. This sounds like a good book. I've only read one James Patterson book, but I think I'll definitely check this one out! Great review :)

  2. Me like you have only read one of his books, but it was romance not thriller. So this one sounds so interesting and I didn't know he writes teen books. Interesting! :)

    Tanja @ Ja Ĩitam, a ti?

  3. At this point, I have to admit, I think Maxine Paetro is writing the entire book and James Patterson slaps his name on. Luckily, I think Maxine is a good writer, so I'll have to check this one out. Certainly seems like it will be up my alley! Great review!

    -Megan @ Book Brats

  4. I had no idea Patterson was writing a YA novel! I will check it out. Sounds promising.