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White Walls by Lauren Hammond

White Walls 
(Asylum, #2)
by Lauren Hammond
Released |June 26th 2012|
Edition |Ebook|
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Adelaide Carmichael knows that she's lost her mind.
She's aware that she's being sent to The Oakhill Institution, but she's been told that she's being sent there to get better. She's been told that the staff is there to help.
And it doesn't take Adelaide long to discover that she was very, very wrong about The Oakhill Institution. Patients roam the halls like zombies. Electric currents vibrate through the plaster walls. Patients are fed sedatives like mashed potatoes and now Adelaide knows one thing for sure, she wants out.
And she'll do whatever she can to escape.

This trilogy is seriously frustrating. It has the potential to be so much better than what it is. I don't really know what to think of this installment. I liked it, but I didn't like it. I felt as if it should have been more of prequel or a novella when I was reading it rather than a book in the series. It was okay, but once again, it could have been better.

The first thing I have to say about this book is that it only confused me once, unlike Insanity. With this installment, I was confused about a quarter of the way through the book when I realized that this was about the past and not the present. So yeah, imagine my reaction. I would say I enjoyed this more than the first one, because honestly their about hand in hand with the pros and cons. I enjoyed parts of the story because we go to see how Adelaide and Dr. Watson's first me and fell in love and I also enjoyed parts because we got to see a different Adelaide, the Adelaide who was committed the first time into the asylum. I actually enjoyed seeing how the two fell in love in this book because we ACTUALLY got the back story and detail to the relationship unlike in the first book with Damien. It was nice to see. And the Adelaide we see in this book is different than the one in Insanity because she has a different mindset. She wasn't stuck on Damien, which was a thumbs up. I mean he's there, but she has a different attitude towards him.

But the thing that got me with this book was that, although it was interesting enough, it was boring! There wasn't really any action in it. It was just detail...But I can say that with Insanity, the book was a roller coaster ride. But with this one, it was just information that needed to be known.

The little sneak peak into book 3 did catch my attention and I will give it a try whenever it releases. But overall, this series is not what I was hoping it would be.

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