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A Brother's Honor by Brenda Jackson

A Brother's Honor
(Grangers, #1)
by Brenda Jackson
Released |May 28th 2013 by Harlequin MIRA|
Edition |eARC|

Source |Netgalley|
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The Granger brothers left behind their family's Virginia estate—and the bad memories it holds—years ago. But their dying grandfather's request brings them home: to a failing business, a legacy of secrets and a deathbed promise to make things right.As the eldest brother, attorney Jace Granger is determined to take responsibility for Granger Aeronautics, his family's failing business. But the years of mismanagement seem impossible to untangle. As CEO, he hires a consultant to turn the company around. Smart, sexy Shana Bradford is the right person for the job—and the right woman to turn Jace's world upside down.
But the passion between them is jeopardized when old secrets begin to emerge. A woman from Jace's past suddenly reappears. And an explosive discovery changes everything Jace thinks he knows about his mother—and his father, who was convicted of her murder.
Jace Granger tried to leave his family history behind once before. But this time he needs to face the past…or risk losing his future.
Three brothers. One legacy. A lifetime of secrets.

It felt so good for me to back into the romance world! Brenda Jackson is one of my favorite romance authors and with this new series of hers, she did not disappoint. There were a lot of mysterious and emotional elements going on within this book and also, we got some entertainment and happiness :) I felt there was a great balance with the two. I devoured this book in two sittings and was so sad to see it end when I got to the final page! I can't wait for the next installment to uncover more of those secrets that were left uncovered!

There was a bit of an emotional element to this book. The three brothers, Jace, Caden, and Dalton has been through so much throughout the years. The 3 reunite at their grandfather's death bed and make a final promise to him to help their family get out the red zone and be a success like it use to be. But the catch is, is that someone within the company and who is close to them is betraying them. But not only that, I feel for each of the brothers because their father was wrongfully accused of murdering his wife/their mother 15 years before and is now sitting in prison while the murderer is running free. So as you can see, they have not had an easy life! And I really liked how that the 3 of them coming together to help out it strengthened their bond as brothers. And I really liked that. And it was also nice to get into Caden and Dalton's mind every once in a while within the story.

Jace, the eldest, is the most determined to discover why the company is failing. He hires Shana to help investigate why the company has is failing. And that is when things get heated! I really liked the relationship between Shana and Jace even though it was a tad bit insta. I say a tad because it wasn't right from the beginning, but by the end of the book (2 months) the proposal popped up lol Both tried to deny their attraction for one another, but in the end they couldn't help themselves. But what I liked most about Shana was that she could separate business from pleasure. She knew when was the right place and the right time and didn't let things get in the way of her job. And I liked Jace as well. He was nice guy who was really determined, but I felt his character could be a tad bit boring a times. I think he need more spunk!

But the thing I liked most about the story was the mystery element! It's what kept me glued to the story. I loved trying to uncover who was betraying Granger Aeronautics and trying to uncover the true murderer of Jace's mother. It made for a very fast pace read to me :) And I'm also a sucker for a happily ever after ending. lol I can't help it you guys, I'm a romantic! I can't wait to continue on in this series and would like to take the time to thank Netgalley for an ARC of A Brother's Honor. All thoughts are my hones opinion.


  1. Okay I'm trying to get that cover but no it's just dunno like the cover of some bad romance novels. But it seems that I shouldn't pay so much attention to it. From your review this book actually sounds great and I'd never give it a second glance. Great review Janina :)

    1. I usually don't care for romance covers lol They all tend to be plain. lol

  2. I thought the story would be pretty normal after reading the summary but it turned out to be something more than normal after reading your review! I think I'll be able to have fun playing the guessing game like you did while reading A Brother's Honor. I just need to pick up the book. Thanks for sharing your review!

    1. I thought it would be, you know, your typical romance, which is what I was looking for :) But it wasn't!

  3. The romance sounds great, and I need to look into this series more

  4. I love brother bonds, so this sounds like a good book. I'm proud to see that you liked it, even if this isn't my genre, LOL. You never know when someone will decide to step out, right? ;D Awesome review, Janina! (:

  5. AHHHH.....I love love loooove books like this one too! Contemporaries are just too good! And I really like the sound of this one. I'll definitely have to check it out. Glad you enjoyed it so much! Great review! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair